whoever said client acquisition was easy....lied.

The reality is that getting a pre-chasm company off the ground is usually a dark and lonely place where both bags of money and dreams go to die. The popular and traditional well-heeled methods of sending out mass email campaigns (“Spam your TAM”), purchasing key words on search, or using LinkedIn In-mail to try to acquire customers is frequently a time, hope, and capital suck. Your prospects are digitally inundated more than ever before and acquiring their attention and trust without a referral to mention, a mutual relationship to leverage, or a common interest to peak is like pushing a slippery boulder uphill.

“The path to market domination means generating trust-based conversations at scale and that convert more than your competitors…and to do it in as short a period of time as possible”
– Corey Frank

partnering with us looks like this:

trim acquisition costs

The pioneer marketer of our time, David Ogilvy, was fond of saying, “Don’t hire a dog then bark yourself.” For early stage companies, putting qualified folks in front of your sales team means that the majority of their time will be invested in scouring generic lead databases for seemingly qualified prospects, hounding 2nd and 3rd degree connections for meetings through LinkedIn, and sifting through call lists hoping to get a few precious direct numbers. Now that certainly sounds a little like barking to us! Instead, how about scheduling qualified prospects on your rep’s calendars so they spend time on what they are best at – pitching and closing…and less on time consuming and morale-sucking prospecting.

expand & scale

So many accounts in your TAM (Total Addressable Market), so much potential revenue to be had each quarter – and it seems you never have enough salespeople! It’s a real challenge for early stage companies who need to “break out.” Our Accelerator team can scale and boost your lead generation efforts in a matter of days, empowering you to dominate your market more quickly and more efficiently…and with a flexible variable cost structure to boot!

dominate your market

The Youngblood Works Accelerator crafts effective campaigns that can amplify your existing sales force or we can serve as your own inside sales team in order to validate a new market or to “goose” some quarter or year-end revenue. Our team of experienced operators will craft sales messaging and sales screenplays (sales scripts) that induces the proper amount of intrigue, status, and novelty that brings in qualified leads and more sales.

our weapon of choice

There is one tool in the sales and marketing stack that continues to be the most fruitful in converting a list of prospects to customers in your journey to Market Dominance: The Cold Call.

Yet most organizations shun this technique at scale and would prefer to overspend on meetings and pipeline by using expensive and impersonal inbound digital tools. These tools have a place for sure, yet humans still require trust to move forward. And there is nothing that can move the trust needle more than a novel, intrigue-driven, and status heavy conversation performed by a professional.

The mission of Youngblood Works is generating these trust conversations at scale to assist a company on their path to Market Dominance.

our approach
to client acquisition

Way too many newly funded companies feel the pressure to simply “hire” and “grow” but don’t know if and why they should. They hire expensive field reps before they truly know their customer. They hire ten inside sales reps before they have their Funnel Metrics to make an inside sales successful. Before hiring additional reps, let Youngblood Works test and validate the right GoToMarket strategy so you know exactly what types of hires you need, and what those hires will be doing to scale what is already working.

pioneering the CaaS industry

Enhancing and innovating the final touchpoint before revenue – Closing-as-a-Service

Selling a big idea to a skeptical customer, investor, or partner is one of the hardest jobs in business, so when it’s time to really Go Big, you need to use an uncommon methodology to gain attention, frame your thoughts, and employ a sequencing that is familiar to convince others that your ideas will truly change their world.


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